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Experts in Home Theatre

There's nothing like a BIG screen with BIG sound to bring your favourite movies, concerts and sports to life! It's something you and your family and friends can enjoy anytime

Considering a big 70"+ screen television... well for a similar price and sometimes less, a Projector and Screen is the answer

Don't want to see it when it's not in use - no problem - with a push of a button the projector and screen can be lowered automatically from your ceiling cavity; blinds and lighting can also be controlled.... We do it all

Forget the grainy snowy projectors of the past -  step up and view the latest in Full High Definition projectors. Clear, crisp picture with fantastic contrast, you'll be the envy of all your friends and neighbours (In fact you may find they visit you a lot!)

ANGELL Sound Vision are your Experts in Home Theatre. A bold statement but one we can back up - we've been designing and installing Home Theatre systems for over 30 years!  We invite you to talk to us about the latest projectors and screens to suit your home.

Panasonic PTAE8000U (2)




Our decision to use Angell Sound Vision right from 'day one' has been rewarded with your professionalism and expertise.

Many thanks


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