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Are you ready to change the way you listen to music?

With SONOS you can stream all your music to every room of your home.        
All wirelessly in HiFi quality sound.  And control it all from your Smartphone or tablet.  

Play your entire iTunes library   Listen to your online music services - uncompressed CD quality
Get thousands of free radio stations worldwide

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SONOS will play whatever music is on your network and deliver it to any speakers linked to the system, 
anywhere in your home. Controlling your music is easy using the free SONOS app from your Smartphone, 
tablet or PC. Sonos enables you to send different music to different speakers/rooms simultaneously. 
It's simple, once you have downloaded the app you can control what, when, where and how 
loud you want to hear your music.       
Wirelessly manage ALL your music

Create playlists for anywhere in your home

Organise everything you listen to in one place
Individually control the volume in every room
Even play different music in each room
             With the free SONOS app and you have total control of younew wireless Sonos system. Simply download to your MAC/PC, iPad, iPhone, iPod or android.!

SONOS is THE PERFECT buildable system.
SONOS has a player for everyone and every room. Whether you have in-wall speakers, a home theatre
or you're starting from scratch, Sonos has you covered! Mixing and matching is strongly encouraged.

Start with just one speaker (Play 1, Play 3 or Play 5) and a bridge (the link to your network) - now you can take this speaker to any room in your house (including outside) and stream internet radio or your own music wirelessly. Whenever you're ready, add another speaker, want more bass add the Sonos sub-woofer.
And remember you can send different music to each speaker, a true multi-zone system.  

Are you tired of the sound from your flat screen TV?  
Despair no more ... choice of solutions.. add PLAYBAR (perfect for on-wall TVs) ... or the new PLAYBASE (slimline and sits on top of your entertainment unit with your TV on top!) Stunning, room-filling sound.
  Connect to all the music on earth. Add awe-inspiring depth to movies and punches up your video gaming experience. Control the volume from your TV remote!  

If you already have speakers or a sound system    No Problem!  SONOS can be linked to them
using the Connect or Connect Amp. Simply download the free SONOS app to your smartphone/tablet
and stream all the music on earth!

SONOS is on display in our showroom...come in and play!




Our decision to use Angell Sound Vision right from 'day one' has been rewarded with your professionalism and expertise.

Many thanks


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